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 The AI Therapist is designed for people suffering from mental health disorders like stress, anxiety, etc. In countries like India, where most people hesitate from going to therapists, Nikola.ai can be a boon. Currently, there is no official government organization providing suicide prevention helpline in India and what there exist several NGO Helplines which in most cases prove to be dysfunctional and lack proper monetary funds for proper working. Nikola.ai is designed in a way that people can encounter a friendly interaction with Artificial Intelligence. This would be a small step towards the advancement in human-AI relationship and hopefully would also help people who are going through tough times.


The heart disease predictor which will provide patient analysis and results of a health condition test for cardiovascular diseases through the patient's Health Data. This will be in the format of a Python Executable File. This Machine Learning Model will accept patient reports like Age, Sex, Max. Blood Pressure, etc. The Heart Disease Predictor will be a web application using Machine Learning Algorithms to make predictions on whether a person is suffering from Heart Disease or not. The ML Model will receive information about the patient like Age, Sex, Max. Heart Rate, Serum Cholesterol, and various other attributes (can be found in our Brochure) and analyze the data to conclude results.


Picasso.ai harnesses the power of GANs to produce pieces of art for the users. The users would be able to select the kind of art they want, use certain tags to sort the art to be generated or just use the default "abstract" art form.


A Twitter sentiment analysis app that helps users monitor the sentiment of a user profile or a certain tag on Twitter. This can be helpful in studies on particular company stocks, the effect public relations have on the stock market or maybe just for miscellaneous use cases.

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